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Dancers are to wear their uniform to every practice. Each level has a different assigned leotard and skirt color that is to be paired with white tights and pink ballet shoes. Leotards and skirts must be purchased through our office, tights and shoes can be purchased else where, but shoes must be without a tie.

Creative Movement, Combo, & Ballet 1

This is the only class that is appropriate to wear baggy clothing - as it is a "street" style of dance. It is NOT required that the dancers wear baggy clothes, but they are welcome too. Footwear for this class includes sneakers or tennis shoes. For recital, we require a specific shoe to wear, but you are encouraged to use them all year round. This shoe will be announced when the costume is chosen


These classes are typically following a ballet class, dancers are allowed to throw a t-shirt and shorts on over their leotard. However, sweat shirts, sweat pants, and overly baggy clothing are still not accepted.

Jazz, Tap, & Clogging

Tumbling, Lyrical, Contemporary, Leaps and Turns Pre-Pointe, & Pointe

Dancers are required and expected to wear leotards and other tight fitted clothing of their choice. For tumbling, dancers are aloud to go barefoot but for recital might need jazz shoes for their dance. Lyrical, Contemporary, and Leaps and Turns dancers can go barefoot or wear shoes that help them excel in class. Pre-Pointe are to have the shoes sold at our front desk and pointe must have pointe shoes after evaluated and instructed to buy them by the instructor.

Golden Girls 1 & 2

Dress in stretchy clothes. This can be shorts, leggings, tank tops, or t-shirts. Just wear what is comfortable for your body! For shoes, depending on which month you attend you will either need jazz shoes, tennis shoes, tap shoes, or clogging shoes. Email us if you are unsure of what class is happening when!

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