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Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary

For all ballet style classes, dancers should be wearing TIGHT clothing. This is so the instructor can see and critique their posture to ensure they are building all of the proper muscles necessary for better dancing. Some items to wear include: leotards with tights, a skirt over a leotard, leggings, tight tank tops, a sports bra, and/or tight shorts. Do NOT wear baggy t-shirts/tank tops, sweatpants, or running shorts. Appropriate shoes should be worn during class: any of our ballet shoes or your approved pointe shoes for pointe classes. 


This is the only class that is appropriate to wear baggy clothing - as it is a "street" style of dance. It is NOT required that the dancers wear baggy clothes, but they are welcome too. Footwear for this class includes sneakers or tennis shoes. For recital, we require a specific shoe to wear, but you are encouraged to use them all year round. We use Old School Vans Low Top in Black and White, pictured here:  

Jazz, Tap, Clogging, Acro

In these classes, our instructors require tight dance wear clothing. Tight tank tops, leotards, tight shorts or pants, and hose (if applicable) are acceptable. Sweatshirts and T-Shirts are not allowed. Tight clothing will allow our instructors to see body movement and make corrections when necessary. Proper shoes should be worn for these classes as well: jazz shoes, tap shoes, clogging shoes. For acro classes, we practice and perform barefoot for better. 

Creative Movement & Combo

For our little ones, we encourage leotards, tutus, and ballet dresses with tights! The Creative Movement class only wears ballet shoes, and the Combo Class requires ballet and tap shoes. 

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