Wendy's Dance Company - "Give Your Child the Gift of Dance"
Classes Offered:

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  • Ballet - This is the foundation of all dance.  Ballet improves posture, balance, and dancers overall strength throughout the entire body, while developing a strong sense of style and grace.
  • Tap - A form of dance that uses the sounds of one's tap shoes as a percussive instrument by hitting the floor in a rhythmic pattern.
  • Jazz - A fun, high energy class where dancers will focus on the development of style, while learning the steps and techniques of turns and jumps, through progressions, combinations, and dance routines.  Jazz classes will also enhance the students flexibility, strength, and stamina.
  • Clogging - A type of dance where the dancer's footwear is used musically by striking the heel, toe, or both against the floor, usually emphasizing the downbeat of the music while displaying enthusiastic footwork.
  • Drill/Pom - A dance that incorporates hip/hop and jazz moves, technical work, and pom-poms into one exciting routine.
  • Lyrical - A fusion of ballet & jazz technique, choreography demonstrates emotion, extensions, & control techniques while allowing students to stylize movements into fluid transitions.
  • Hip-Hop - An incredibly energetic & upbeat dance form that teaches the latest funk and street styles.
  • Acronastics - A class that combines acrobatics and gymnastics.  Class also focuses on increasing the student's flexibility. 
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